Mailing list – how to join

The Bay Area Chapter uses Google Groups to manage its mailing list. Because Google requires your permission to be added to a Group, please join the Group by choosing one of the following options:

1. If you have a Gmail account or a Google account, there are two ways to get to our Group:

  • Click on this link – Then, sign in with your Gmail or Google username and password. Click on the link “Apply for membership” and follow the prompts.
  • Log into your account, and then navigate to Groups. (Once you’re in your account, use the Apps icon near the top of the page and click on “Even More from Google” to locate Groups.) On the Google Groups page, use the Search box at the top of the page to find the CATESOL-BayArea group. Click on “Apply for membership” and a request to join will be sent to the Google Group for approval.

2. If you don’t have a Gmail account or a Google account, you can create one and then follow the steps listed above to join the Google Group. Or, send an email to the Bay Area Chapter’s email address,, and ask to be added to the Google Group directly. You will receive an email from the Google Group once you have been added to the Group.

The Bay Area Chapter uses the mailing list to send a minimal number of messages about upcoming Chapter events and other Chapter-related news of interest to our members. Once you join the Group, we recommend the following email setting: “Send me an email for every new message.” This will ensure that you receive Group posts in a timely fashion.

If you have any questions about joining our mailing list, please send us an email at

And remember – you can always join CATESOL or renew your membership by clicking on this link –

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